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Dr. Alan Cobb was first called to be our pastor in 1990 and led us until he qualified for
Social Security retirement and we allowed him to "officially" retire from paid service as pastor. Following that we had two young men, one who was not ready to lead a church and left and
another who discovered that he was really called to serve the Lord in a capacity other than
pastor. So Dr. Cobb agreed to return as pastor but in an unpaid capacity.

Dr. Cobb received his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. As well as being trained as as pastor, Dr. Cobb has training as a Physicist
and Mathematician. He served the United States Air Force as a Navigator, Navigator Instructor, Headquarters Squadron Commander, Mapping & Charting Instructor, and Director of
Mapping & Charting Division of the Defense Mapping School.

God has used Dr. Cobb's training and experience not only to guide us but to help us
understand the Bible from theological and scientific perspectives.





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